Our Staff

Healthwatch employs its own dedicated medical team and feel it is essential to have an on-site team to oversee medical cases.  In many regions of Greece Healthwatch has local coordinators that have a very good knowledge of the hospital structures, Clinics and Doctors in their region.

At the Central offices the team is run by:
  • Head of medical services.
  • Consultant Doctor.  We have additional doctors with various specialist skills (e.g. general surgeon) in a consulting capacity as necessary.
  • Chief nurse officer
  • 10 medical Assistance and IPMI coordinators
  • 12 PMI coordinators

Language skills

Listed below are our current language capabilities from our Thessalonica Operations Centre.

- 24 hours. Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, English, French, Greek, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Serbian,Ukrainian.

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