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HealthWatch Assistance was launched in November 2000 to offer a suite of medical and travel assistance services, including cost containment, in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean region.
Headquartered in Thessalonica in Northern Greece, HealthWatch currently employs 50 persons including doctors, nurses, lawyers and claims handling experts. Through a sister company, HealthWatch has access to a unique network of proprietary out-patient clinics throughout Greece, giving the company an unrivalled ability to provide care, procure medical and logistical assistance and contain healthcare costs.
HealthWatch maintains negotiated agreements with healthcare provider organisations, based on protocol pricing and discounts from published tariffs. Cases are actively medically managed, ensuring both concordance with insurance policy benefits and that unnecessary services are not provided.
Beyond Greece, HealthWatch provides the same range of services in Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Malta via either the Thessaloniki or the Izmir office, and can also provide services in 34 countries through reciprocal arrangements with overseas medical providers.It also runs a fleet of ambulances fully equipped to satisfy any medical need, including ICU transfers. Healthwatch has organized a high risk medical services branch and a search & rescue branch involving private and NHS service.
By forming an alliance with a partner organisation in the UK, HealthWatch has been able to apply its medical case management skills developed in the travel insurance sector to the management of domestic medical insurance business. A sophisticated state-of-the-art-claims management system allows effective case management, claims payment and management information provision.

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