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Occupational health advice

HealthWatch SA  has launched an occupational health advice line which is being piloted within Greece and 34 more countries..
The advice line will provide small business owners, managers and employees with early and easy access to high quality, professional advice. It will be tailored to business needs, as well as being able to respond to individual employee health issues.
Screening of employees to be deployed to other countries is also done in the home country or abroad.
The service is available to:        
  •  Owners and managers of businesses with 0-249 employees in Europe, the service is available to all businesses.
Target of this service is to:
  • improve the general health and wellbeing of the working-age population
  • support more people with health conditions to stay in work or enter employment
  • create healthier workplaces
  • improve occupational health services and rehabilitation support
  • increase employment opportunities for people who are not in work due to ill health or disability
This work brings benefits to:
  • individuals, through better health
  • employers, through improved productivity and reduced sickness absence
  • government, through fewer people claiming sickness benefits and reduced health spending

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